My name is Alex Bernhardt and I have worked as a freelance designer for the past 8 years. I was born in Argentina and I have always loved to explore new horizons and discover new experiences, that is one of the reasons why I moved several times during my life. I am currently based in Barcelona (Spain) and I have been living here since 2015.
I originally studied Tourism at the University in Buenos Aires, where I had the chance to become part of several projects related to that topic. I started my own travel agency and a “boutique hotel” where I got to learn a lot about business management. After relocating to Mexico in 2012, I became really interested in graphic and web design and so I started doing online courses that led me to develop some projects for friends and contacts I made throughout the last years.
In 2019, I discovered a new passion that is UX design, which I consider fascinating, and started studying that while I kept working on my projects. I believe I have a natural drive to analyze, research, generate ideas, test them and keep the focus on both the business and the consumer.
In 2020, I started taking courses in UX / UI design and completed several of them. I can’t describe how stunned I am about how much I enjoy working with this new focus.
I finally feel like I am ready to dedicate my life to this and I want to help you develop your business in a new way that you have not considered before. Contact me and I will tell you all you need to know about this.
If you want to know more about this, click the link below. I can’t wait to start working together!

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